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Similar4 is an e-commerce recommendation service developed on a base of Kuznech visual search technology protected by 6 patents in US and Russia.
Similar4 provides an intelligent visually similar product recommendations engine for online retailers of almost all goods categories — from clothes, shoes and accessories to furniture and home decor.
The system analyses the product's visual features and builds recommendations of other products that look similar. Similar4 helps automate online merchandizing and quickly recommend the most relevant products to each shopper based on consumer visual preferences.
Similar4 can also work with sold-out items and 404 pages (Similar4Sold-out) and search for products of similar colors (Similar4Color) without using text tags.


Similar4 helps easily up-sell and cross-sell relevant products via:

  • «Visually similar products» — it is a standard recommendation widget on product detail pages (also includes «Shape/Color Slider» — interactive tool that can be steered by e-store customers to fine tune search results based on color/form correlation)
  • «Search for similar» button above product images on category/product detail pages that opens a popup layer with similarly looking products.

«Visually similar products» is a standard widget that enhances the shopping experience by providing highly relevant product recommendations. It organically fits into native consumer behavior and improves e-store navigation. This is one of the most important tools to improve sales conversion rate. Can be used alone or support your current product recommendation systems.

«Search for similar» button is an additional recommendation tool that can be placed on any product image, either on the category or product detail page.
You can use a template button or create your own design.

Clicking on the «Search for similar» button opens a pop-up with visually similar products. Every image in the pop-up is a link to the appropriate product page.

Check out examples of how Similar4 works.


Quite often, organic traffic customers, instead of landing on the pages of specific products, are welcomed by an «Error 404» or «Currently out of stock» message. If you don't give consumers a path to other items that might interest them, you loose not only a purchase, but the customers' loyalty. Similar4Sold-out is installed on «out of stock» pages and offers your clients goods that are visually similar to those currently out of store. This results in customer satisfaction and greatly increases the chances of a purchase being made.

Advantages of using Similar4Sold-out:

  • You do not loose sales leads any more: Convert customers from organic traffic into buyers
  • Stick to your marketing campaign plan and advertising schedule
  • No need to remove out-of-stock item's page from your website or deactivate links to it on social networks, blogs, or affiliate programs


A product's color is often what persuades us to ultimately make a purchase: according to research, 85% of shoppers name color as the primary reason for why they bought a particular product. With the Similar4Color tool, instead of manually keywording each product image with color tags, you can automatically extract and recognize palettes in images and find products of the same colors.

Advantages of Similar4Color:

  • Automatically extracts colors from the product images (no need for manual tagging)
  • Creates individual color palette for any given product category
  • Allows multi-color search (two or more colors selected simultaneously)
  • Great support for computer-challenging colors like brown
  • Ignores monochrome backgrounds