1. How does visual search technology work?
Kuznech’s visual search technology compares images using more than 200 parameters, called comparators, which include features visible to the naked eye (like color, form, and texture), and those distinguishable only by computer (e.g. gradient direction, color temperature, etc.).
Kuznech’s R&D Department is constantly working on improving our visual search algorithms and setting up an individual search profile for every e-commerce shop .
2. Can I try your technology for free?
Certainly. You can download our code and use it absolutely free of charge for 14 days (2 weeks).
3. How much will visual search boost sales on my website?
That depends on many factors: for example, the product categories where the widget is featured, the quality of the product images, and your market segment. As a rule, our clients’ sales conversion rates increase by 5 to 50%.
4. How can I install your widget?
After we index your data feed (product catalog), we generate a unique script for the widget (in the form of a recommendation widget and button) and send it to you along with an implementation guide. The installation usually takes no more than an hour. If you experience any installation problems, we will help you out—just give us a call or drop us a line.
5. My site is built on a CMS. Is your technology compatible with it?
The technology does not depend on the CMS you use. If you need help, please contact us!
6. I don't want to use JavaScript on my website. Is there a workaround for your system?
You can either use JSON-API and create a customized widget or embed a widget using IFrame, though in that case Similar4 will not have access to your site. IFrame has another limitation, however: you will be able to install the visually similar products widget, but not the search for similar button. What is that? Check it out here.
7. What if I'd like to create my own design for the similar search widget?
No problem! You can create custom designs and/or make any adjustments to the widget you so desire with the help of our API. Contact us to get JSON-API for your e-store.
8. Does your widget generate extra traffic and more leads?
Similar4's job is to increase the probability of a purchase being made by boosting the number of product page views and time spent in your e-shop.
Visitors entering your website — just like a person taking a stroll through a shopping centere — mean nearly nothing. If they, however, visit a product pagee — like picking something up-half the battle is won. Similar4's goal is to get customers to "pick up" as many products as possible (visit as many product detail pages as possible), which significantly increases the probability of a  purchase being made.