Our clients


"If you visit any offline shop, there is always a staff member to ask you a few qualifying questions and offer you several options. But there is no such opportunity in online store. We were very excited to notice that up to 50% of purchasing customers used Similar4. At least for our goods (bags and accessories) we find the service very useful. No doubt, recommendations of visually similar product is a really promising e-commerce tool."
Anatoly Polyakov, CEO, Bag-Rush
"Similar4 is a very good service that really increased out conversion in sales."
Dmitriy Mashoshin, CTO, Spaseebo
"It turned out that search for visually similar products is really a compelling need for customers. Our clients extensively use the service, while we observe sustained sales growth."
Timur Avleev, СЕО Bagroom
"Our shop thought for a long time over the solving of this problem , and we studied technologies of one western company which is capable to search doubles on the Internet (they have another business goal —searching copyright infringements). But the task was quite difficult for our small team of developers, and we postponed it. Therefore, the offer of Kuznech was a gift for us."
Vladimir Zakudraev, CEO and Founder Vobraze