"If you visit any offline shop, there is always a staff member to ask you a few qualifying questions and offer you several options. But there is no such opportunity in online store. We were very excited to notice that up to 50% of purchasing customers used Similar4. At least for our goods (bags and accessories) we find the service very useful. No doubt, recommendations of visually similar product is a really promising e-commerce tool."
Anatoly Polyakov, CEO, Bag-Rush
"Similar4 is a very good service that really increased out conversion in sales."
Dmitriy Mashoshin, CTO, Spaseebo
"It turned out that search for visually similar products is really a compelling need for customers. Our clients extensively use the service, while we observe sustained sales growth."
Timur Avleev, СЕО Bagroom
"We've been thinking of using a visual search technology for our project since long time. While other companies offer heavy-implemented solutions, which were too hard for our small development team, the service offered by Kuznech is a real gift for us."
Vladimir Zakurdaev, Founder, CEO Vobraze